HL7 Connect

Developed in the late 80’s and early 90’s, Health Level 7 — HL7, is a set of international standards that allows the digital transmission of medical data between medical facilities. Hospitals, clinics and other medical providers run on many different computer systems and software, but the HL7 standard allows them to easily communicate and transfer data as needed.

HL7Connect and HL7Net|Bridge are a set of medical data transfer programs developed by Kestral Computing in Perth, Australia. UP-Ideas was brought in to develop logos for these programs and tasked to design the home page of their website.

The logos were designed to interconnect just as the software was designed to interconnect different medical facilities. HL7Connect is the main software and HL7Net|Bridge is used to create a corridor in the firewalls of larger hospital systems so that data can travel in and out of the system without opening other parts of the system to infiltration. When visiting the website, UP-Ideas wanted users to visually understand how the products linked together into a much broader network.

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